Thursday, November 13, 2008

You've got questions, I've got answers!

I'm officially inviting you to ask questions about me/us/my blog/or anything I write about. I realized the other day that those who are new to my blog (like my college roomie, Tara), or those who don't get to read my blog very often because I'm too wordy and they don't have time to sift through my non-sense--may be missing things from time to time.

Or maybe I left you hanging and didn't follow up on a subject?

Maybe you're just curious? Or nosey?

Maybe you've never met me (like friends of Rob's who've come across my blog) and you feel weird asking me questions... but you wish you could?

Don't worry, if I don't think your question is appropriate I won't publish it... and won't answer it. It's that easy :0)

Anyway, whatever category you fall in, feel free to leave a comment and ask some questions. I'll try to collect the questions and answer them from time to time when I'm bored and looking for something to post about. So, go ahead. Ask away!


Jennifer & DW said...

When will you hear back from the adoption commitee?

T & K said...

Who are you trying to adopt, how old (teenager is all I know) and how come she's in Idaho? Sorry, I'm very new to the blog. : ) Glad to be in touch with you again, though!

SaraJane Campbell said...

What is your favorite ice cream?