Monday, November 24, 2008

24 Hours?

Hmm... seems like de ja vu for some reason. I somehow recall having a "We'll know in 24 hours post" on here once or twice before!

Well, the committee is at 11:40 Idaho time tomorrow, 1o:40 our time. For some reason I'm a bit skeptical though. Hmm, I can't imagine why! I'm so anxious to know. Honestly though, I don't feel the same build up of anticipation this time around because I'm just not at all convinced that we'll actually get an answer tomorrow. It would be just our luck!

Of course, the chances of this happening to the same people 3 times seems unlikely... so we'll see. I'm not sure when I'll be able to update you because I'll be away from home, but I will try to update you as soon as I can. If I'm unable to update I might be able to convince Rob to put an update on his blog, so you might want to check in there.

Please keep our family and this young lady in your prayers. We look forward to God's answer, in his timing, with great anticipation!

1 comment:

simplykersh said...

We are definatly praying that you will quickly get a resolution.
Godspeed my friends.