Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the land of sleepiness

Sleep. I like it. I know, we've been over this before, but here's the funny thing. I woke up about 6:45 this morning when Rob leaped out of bed more than 1/2 hour after he was supposed to have left this morning.

I immediately bolted up and asked him if there was anything I could do to help. "Can I pack you breakfast?" I asked. Silly me, what was I going to do, make him some eggs for the road? But he said "Sure." as he rushed to the shower so I went downstairs and tried to figure out what to do. So, I grabbed a couple of cereal bars and made him some coffee/hot-chocolate/english toffee blend that I usually only make during staff meetings. Anyway, he was grateful to have something for the road (he's got an 1.5 hour drive this morning).

I've been thinking a lot to myself lately (okay, for years really) that I wish I could pluck myself out of bed at or before 7 on a regular basis in stead of rolling around in my bed for another hour wishing I could go back to sleep (which I rarely get to). And, I figured, since I'm up I might as well stay up. And it feels good. I'm rested, relaxed... It's beautiful. It's quiet. The kids are in bed. I get to blog, and read blogs. I might even shower here soon and eat breakfast before our morning festivities.

Is there any chance I won't be running out the door frantically at 9:25, for our 9:30 play-date? Ah, not likely, let's be realistic. But hey, there's a chance right? Why on earth is it so hard to actually get myself out of bed in the morning?

Oh no, I heard skirmishing. This is me, fighting the urge to go snuggle with my kids and fall back asleep! Welcome to my mornings!


Eugene and Christie said...

I feel your pain - I HATE mornings. Why do babies/kids love them? Abby is the cutest at 3am. What is wrong with her?

simplykersh said...

I agree, sleep is great. Thank you for confessing and making me feel like there is someone else out there just like me. Although I have been spoiled lately with both girls sleeping past 8:00 two days in a row! But was I up and productive, No. Though I did beat them up by 10 min. this morning, even 10 min. is nice.