Friday, November 21, 2008

Adoption Day Anniversary!

Four years ago today Leeann's birthmom, Kyndall, entrusted Rob and I with the most precious gift in the world! We are so grateful for Leeann and Kyndall, and to God for letting us be a part of their story. Most days I'm simply amazed at how God brought our family together, and how he's worked his amazing ways in and through our lives.
To Kyndall: I'm so grateful for you and for your love and sacrifice and care for Leeann. Thank you for loving Leeann, for trusting us to care for her, and for bestowing on me the greatest name in the world--Mommy!


Kyndall said...

Thank you Robyn and Rob for taking the best care of Leeann like I knew you would and giving her a great life and family I know she has!

simplykersh said...

Congratulations! Has it really been 4 years since we both became Mommies? WOW!