Friday, November 14, 2008

A Historic Moment

Leeann cries at the drop of a hat... literally. Or with the shifting of the wind, or the upon hearing the cries of someone else. She's our crier. When she's hurt, she wails. If someone brushes up against her too hard, so she thinks she should be hurt, she wails. The tears fall, and the helpless screaming begins. It's just routine in our household!

Well, a few minutes ago Leeann called to me in a very rational voice and said, "Mommy, I scratched my finger on the night light and it's bleeding." No tears, no screaming, no flopping onto the floor... and there was even blood! I'm so proud of her!


becca said...

Isn't that somethin'?
I have a weird moodiness like that; I'm a total wimp with little stuff like bugs and icky gross things, but ultra calm and controlled in a real crisis or injury. I'll fall apart over a little papercut, but no big fuss during the painful labor of my child... huh!

Jenny said...

Kacia is the same way, I think it is a girl thing! And hopefully they grow out of it because I don't have any friends who act like that now, but Kacia has many friends who are also a little on the "dramatic" side. I was relieved to discover my daughter was the only wimp around.