Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just in case you were wondering...

A dwarf is defined as someone who has an adult height of 4'10" or less.

I'm 4'11.5"... or 1/2 inch taller than needed to be considered a dwarf. Or, would that be 1.5 inches? It depends on how you define 4'10" I suppose.

Anyway, when I get older and start shrinking do I go from not being a dwarf to being a dwarf? My Aunt Patty and Grandma B would probably fall into that category I think. My cousin Jenni might be one too I suppose! At least I'm in good company :0)

I was reading on the news the other day that there was a really tiny dwarf who wasn't diagnosed until she was 5. It got me wondering about my son who doesn't seem to grow, but his doctor doesn't seem to be concerned. I weighed him at a friends house the other day and he's up to 24.5 pounds :0)

In other strange news if I could self-diagnose myself I'd say I have Lyme Disease. Strange eh? Well, I should have another doctor's appointment in the next couple of weeks so hopefully I'll have some more answers. I can't definitively say this is what I have, but given how my symptoms match up, it wouldn't at all surprise me if this is what I have. I kind of hope it is, because it's mostly treatable. Granted, I'd be going on 5 years of having it so it would be a little more difficult to treat and I might not fully recover, but at least I wouldn't get worse. I'll certainly keep you updated.

Well, Rob's going to be home from school soon so the kids and I need to run around the house and try to reverse the tornado that seems to have come through here. That tends to happen any time that Rob's away for more than a couple of hours!

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