Friday, April 04, 2008

A bad way to start the day

We got SO much work done yesterday. I have some great friends who came over and packed up my kitchen, hauled everything over to my new house and unpacked it! I seriously have some of the coolest friends known to mankind :0)

I may have over-worked myself however. I fell into bed about midnight and woke up in terrible pain around 2:30. I don't usually have problems sleeping even when I'm dealing with my bouts of pain, but last night was an exception. My legs felt like they were throbbing dead weight. It kind of felt like those terrible growing pains I'd experience as a kid, where it feels like you have a giant charlie-horse up and down your legs. I couldn't get comfortable and I couldn't get back to sleep. I finally switched sides of the bed with Rob and managed to get a decent nights sleep all things considered.

I woke up this morning in tears though. My legs just hurt... and this is a bad day for my legs to hurt. I've had almost a whole week where I've been feeling relatively good so I thought I was getting over this stretch of pain. Arg! Of all days though... this is a bad one. The move crew should show up before 9:00 am tomorrow meaning everything I own needs to be boxed for tomorrow or moved today. Minor details! Oh, and I'm giving the keys to our renters tomorrow afternoon so this place needs a top to bottom cleaning before we hand over the keys. Did I mention I'm not feeling so hot?

Really, all things considered I'm in good spirits though. We've had a lot of help and we've actually gotten a lot done so I'm hoping the rest will just fall into place. I'm gonna take some Tylenol crank up the music and push through the pain. Once I do that I usually begin to feel better... it's just the pushing through part that's tough. Anyway, I should probably do that. It's 11:00 in the morning, and last I checked it's not getting any earlier! If you think about it, pray for me today, that my pain will decrease and that we'll get everything done in a timely manner! And soon, I'll post pictures of our house with the new carpet in. Yay for new carpet!


Anonymous said...

Hey office buddy,

I have missed seeing you, but look how you are powering through this HUGE project. Amazing. I definitely have to see it when you are done. In the mean time, I also have too much pain to help today but I can definitely pray for your pain. Next time we're together I'll tell you what I think about pain!

Take care, Sal

beachbirdie said...

Hey sweetie,

I am praying for you. It's been fun looking at the progress you've made getting your "new" house ready, truly amazing! Sorry you are having all that pain to go with it...