Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Destroyer!

The man with the muscle... doing all the dirty work--
Or... at least making everything dirty!
And his apprentice...

Mischevious Grin if you ask me!
So, Rob has proven he can destroy, but can he put it all back together? That question has yet to be answered! I'm doing all my laundry before we move just in case (the washer and dryer are in this bathroom).

These two have been hanging out and running amok in one of the rooms. We put Titus' mattress up there so they have something soft to sit on while they watch movies on my lap top.

Leeann loves to help daddy any chance she can get. These two make a good team!

I can tease Rob all I want about making a mess and destroying things, but I made not only one, but TWO ridiculous mistakes today... it almost made me cry! A friend of ours named Dave came over to paint for a couple of hours today and I gave him the wrong paint for the wall above the stairwell. I thought it looked a little dark, but somehow it didn't click that it looked a little dark because it was the wrong paint. Duh! He was just following orders, it was totally my mistake. Arg...

Then, as if that wasn't bad enough he moved downstairs to the kitchen and dining room to use the rest of the oops paint on it's proper wall. I asked him to finish rolling out the primer for the dining room wall since he already had that color on his roller. So, I grabbed the primer, handed it to him and went back upstairs. 10 minutes later I came down and almost started to cry when I realized I gave him the primer for the dark brown wall. Are you kidding me? How on earth did I make two major mistakes within mere minutes? I'M LOSING MY MIND!

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