Tuesday, April 01, 2008


We left Friday morning to head over Ellensburg (Eastern WA) for Rob's grandparents birthday party. We got just east of Portland, about 2 hours away when we decided to check the pass just to make sure we were going to be able to get through. Lo and behold, the pass requires chains and the snow was slated to continue to fall. We weren't packed for snow, Rob and Titus didn't even have jackets. Also, we couldn't really risk getting stuck over there if the pass were to close while we were there. Anyway, the decision was tough but we opted to turn around. The party ended up being postponed because most of the party-goers needed to go over a pass to get there, so it all worked out. We missed getting to see Rob's aunt Barb and cousin Stacey and nephew Aiden who flew over from Indiana... so we're quite bummed about that! We'll try to make it over the see his grandparents in a couple of weeks though.

Anyway, since we were all packed up with no place to go we went to IKEA... which is always delightful. We also decided to stay in St. Helens for the night, which was wonderful as always. I realize it's been too long since I've seen most of my family. One night wasn't nearly enough, but I'll take what I can get!

Anyway, today is a super-paint day. We're supposed to get the carpet in tomorrow or Thursday (hopefully) so we need to bust out the painting today. We're having a party from 3 'til late tonight, bring a paint brush and stop on by if you're bored!

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