Friday, March 05, 2010

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

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We spent Monday through Thursday of this week in Seaside at the CBNW Pastor's Enrichment Conference. We rented a beach house with Pam and Denny, and Joel and Brenna. It was great to spend time with the staff and to be encouraged by so many others who are living similar lives.

We saw old friends (including my former Youth Pastor and his wife and my former Pastor and his wife, and parents of several different college friends), and met new friends and generally enjoyed a good time.

We also got to hear from some very godly men and I was incredibly drawn to realize the need for me to live a life that includes speaking of the truth of Jesus Christ to those all around me. Only Jesus can change lives for eternity and as a believer in him I get the privilege of being used by him to share his truth and love. I also get the ability to equip others to do the same. My inclination is to reach out to people by inviting them to church (so the Pastor can tell them about Jesus). That's so backward though. God's spirit lives in me so that I don't need a Pastor to share the truth, I can do that myself. So simple, yet so profound! This paragraph doesn't do justice to God's work in my heart this weekend, but it will have to suffice for now.

One afternoon we went out to the beach to fly kites. These are kites that Mee Maw gave to our kids some time ago, but we'd never had the ability to use them until now. Leeann had a rough start getting hers off the ground, but she was eventually able to get it all the way up in the air. Titus got his up right away, but gave up on it after a short while in favor of digging in the sand.

It was actually a beautiful day for being at the Oregon Coast in March. In fact, it was beautiful almost the entire time we were there. A little cold, but not so bad! Plus, it was perfect kite-flying weather!

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Beckys blog said...

My parents said they saw you there. Sounds like it was fun. :)