Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I Am Loved

My husband came home with a decaf german chocolate blended mocha from Steamers for me today. Yes, I am loved. It's a great way to brighten my day! It helped that he gave it to much just after I woke up from a nice nap. Titus and I were both up much of the night, and he said, "I know you like unscheduled, unexpected stay-at-home time, but it's still hard to be stuck at home with sick kids." He obviously read my blog today (which is funny, because sometimes he'll go weeks without reading it and can't figure out why everyone else in the world knows about something I wrote, but he doesn't. It's not my fault if he doesn't read it, right?)

Leeann asked him to get her a snack and I told him cereal was on the menu for dinner tonight. Since Titus is sick and I'm the nurse, Leeann and Rob will go to care group at Dean and Deborah's tonight instead of us having it here. So he asked, "Since you love cereal for dinner, can I use the last of the Applebees gift card to take Leeann to dinner before small group?"

So those two went off on their date and will be gone much of the evening, while Titus and I watch some more movies and enjoy being lazy!

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