Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It might be pathetic...

It might be pathetic, but I've gone back to my blog several times today just to look at it. I love it's new design!

I was up much of the night with a sick baby. Yes, I still think of him as a baby, even though he's four. I'm the mommy, it's my prerogative!

I gave him some Pedialyte this morning and he kept it down for several hours, but we've had several "it came up again" instances now. He finally just went back down for a nap.

My hands hurt from so much washing and my laundry is piled up from the heaps of towels and blankets that have been used for protecting furniture and cleaning yuck lately. Unfortunately, my washing machine is only sporadically starting (you have to slam the lid before it will start the wash and spin cycles, though it fills just fine regardless). So I keep going to change loads only to realize that it was finicky and only got part way through the cycle AGAIN. Argg!

So here we are, having another lazy day. It's 1:47 and I've done very little today. I'm strangely more than okay with that!

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