Sunday, March 28, 2010

Things we do at Grammy and Grampy's

We drove over the river and through the middle of nowhere for hours on end to visit my mom and step-dad over Spring Break. It's a little hard to believe I have a child old enough to be in school which requires us to plan our adventures around school breaks. I'm not a fan... but that's a whole different post!
In no particular order, because blogger is still being irritating by not allowing me to rearrange my pictures... here are some things we did in Klamath Falls.
We got to see snow fall. Titus and Rob even went outside to feel it. That was fun because we've had a very mild winter here. Unfortunately though, we had weather just icky enough to not want to do much of anything outside of the house.

That's okay though because there was lots to do inside the house. Like play dress up in this wonderful old-fashioned dress that my mom made for Leeann!

Grampy played some baseball with Titus just after we got there. One of the few times it was actually decent weather.

They have TiVo. That was fun. We don't have t.v. at all (though we watch movies and some things in the internet), so it's always fun to watch stuff we don't usually get to see. It's hard not to get sucked in and become a zombie though! And the boys played a lot of Wii.

Leeann thoroughly enjoyed spreading the cinnamon on the cinnamon rolls. She enjoyed licking the cinnamon off her hands even more though!
(You'll notice a picture of me and my brothers when we were young on the side of the cupboard.)

I think Leeann could have baked all day. My mom did bake all day. Mmmmm, she's a good cook! She's gotta be exhausted. Titus asked, "Why does Grammy make so much food?"

My mom also let them color Easter Eggs. Later they went out for a hunt. I like someone else doing the messy things with my kiddos!

Keith hacked some old golf clubs down and put new grips on them so the kids could have golf clubs their size. It was cute to watch them golf.

Of course, after a few golf lessons with Grampy the clubs became glorified shovels... sorry about the dirt patches in your yard Keith!

And finally, we enjoyed some time in the hot tub. It was tough to muster the courage to go outside in the chilly weather, but it was delightful once we got in!
And those are the highlights of our trip to Grammy and Grampy's house.


Barbara said...

I love it that you were able to go to your moms and had a wonderful time....I love the pictures!!

Marshall's Corner said...

Too cute!