Friday, March 19, 2010

Laundry Woe's

I just found 3 articles of Smith's clothing in the mountain of clean laundry on my bed. He's been gone approximately one month. Has it been that long since I washed reds and jeans? Apparently so... whoops!

It's amazing my children's stay properly clothed. Laundry is my kryptonite. Okay, it's only one of many down falls, but perhaps the most notable. Don't judge, I'm making an attempt at keeping it real here! (Okay, judge, I know you're going to anyway, and I don't blame you. It is rather pathetic!)


alexanders said...

Laundry is my LEAST favorite household chore too!! I totally sympathize... Tim does most of the laundry in our house :-)

Marshall's Corner said...

Laundry and putting away dishes are my least favorite chores as well. It's not the physical washing part so much as the putting away.. they usually end up in a basket of "clean clothes" unless they're important enough garments to warant a proper hanging.. meaning I don't like to have to iron either lol