Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wii Fit

I got up bright and early and headed out of the house well before I needed to be at church to make sure I secured a Wii Fit Plus this morning. The kids and I barrelled through the store to get it and get on our way as fast as we could. And, we were successful!

The hardest part was spending the next 4 hours at church knowing it was waiting, just waiting to be played. Though, church was wonderful today and and so much more beneficial than the Wii. Still, it's fun to have something new. It feels like Christmas around here!

Rob and I both feel such an amazing sense of relief to be done with our loans. As much as I think it's important for kids to work their way through college and really own their experience, I wouldn't wish the feeling of bondage that student loans provide on either of our children. It's now become our sincerest desire to have the ability to put our kids through college without saddling them with debt if they choose a career that requires a higher education.

Just last year I wasn't sure we'd ever make enough money to provide our children with a debt-free education (though the church takes good care of us, ministry isn't known for it's high earning potential!) Now I realize it is not about how much you make, but what you do with what you have. I know people who have a lot of money coming through their hands that are extremely broke. I know others who are thriving off of very little. It's all about choices. We're making the choice to stay out of debt, to live well below our means and to be wise with what God gives us. It's so freeing!

And now that we're debt-free maybe my mind won't be so focused on financial things and my blog will return to it's regular scheduled programing. Though I feel a bit like I'm running out of comedic material since our kids are out of the cute baby/toddler stage. Hmmm, what should I post about next?

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