Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Family Fun

Rob and I were racking our minds yesterday afternoon to think of something fun we could do with the kids during a free afternoon. We decided to stay home and make some sock puppets. The boys sped through their creations, and while Leeann and I were still perfecting our beautiful butterflies, the boys decided to go upstairs and bond 'boy-style'.

36 rolls of toilet paper later... they had a fort, perfect for laser tag!

I got ambushed!

But, I didn't have a laser gun, so it didn't phase me. That wasn't quite good enough for the boys. Before I knew it they were launching 'rockets' at me.

Soon, it was all out war!

Who knew toilet paper could be so much fun?

Nobody was seriously injured in the making of this post...

Though a few rolls did take a beating!

And the kids did have to clean up the mess.

But even that was fun!

Then the boys decided to try to get the penny out of Leeann's forehead. It's a game they play... don't ask me!
Then we went to Cold Stone. Yummy!

We finished up our puppets.

Then we had a puppet show, complete with song and dance.

And after a long, fun Sunday afternoon. The puppets and the kids (and soon after, the parents) all went to bed!


Momissa said...

Wow! That looked like soooooo much fun! Makes me want to yank my kids out of bed to play toilet paper war, lol:)

Marshall's Corner said...

absolutely adorable!