Thursday, February 11, 2010

Backwards Baby

Baby really is a terrific baby. He doesn't fuss much and is more or less happy unless he's hungry. He does have his days and nights mixed up though. I tried often to wake him up yesterday since he was up virtually ALL NIGHT the night before, but he really didn't want to. Finally, he stayed awake for almost an hour just before bed time. That was beautiful because he didn't wake up until 2:30. Then he was up until 4:30, but slept in until 7:14, just one minute before my alarm went off. Beautiful! Well, not the 2 hours I spent awake in the middle of the night, but beautiful in that it was only once!

Even the 2 hours weren't so bad. I spent a lot of time snuggling him last night remembering my kiddos as little ones. The smell of teeny baby diapers (the clean ones of course) is something that takes me back in an instant. The soft skin, the chubby cheeks. Ah, it's good to enjoy the baby stage again... just for a little while.

Leeann and Titus are being BIG helpers. They really like having Baby around, and spend a lot of time just looking at him. Leeann has actually been a huge help because she's been taking turns holding the bottle during his feedings. He takes more than an hour to eat, which as you can imagine takes a good chunk out of our day. She's extremely happy to hold the bottle and talk to him as he eats though. She pulls out the bottle and checks to see if it's gone down an ounce. Each time it goes down an ounce she calls me over, "It's time for him to burp mommy." I'm telling you, this girl is going to be a great mommy someday.

Titus has enjoyed getting whatever I need for him and likes to 'keep an eye' on him when he's in his swing or bassinet. By that, I mean stare at him and then yell in a panic when he moves or makes a noise!

Well, that's all the updating I'm able to do for now. I've got dinner company tonight and two people coming over to look at two beds we have for sale this afternoon. That would be another $265 toward the debt snowball. Now if we could just get some lookers on the Condo. Freedom, here we come!

I also have two fantastic high school girls who are coming over during their free period today to love on the baby. I'm going to take advantage of the baby love and get some stuff done for tonight. Thanks for checking in!


On the move! said...

Robyn thank you so much for smooching up our little guy for us until we can do it ourselves. The pictures you sent were terrific, I can practically smell him!!!

Jessi said...'re such a blessing, to so many people! Have a super blessed weekend filled with lots of love (which I know won't be hard for you guys!)