Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dreams vs. Reality

First, if things are terribly misspelled in this post, I do apologize, I don't have my glasses on... it's early in the morning around here, 3:38 am. When Smith wakes up to eat anytime after 3:30 or so he just wants to stay awake. Unfortunately, he's quite noisy. He's not crying, he just makes a lot of baby noises so I can't put him back to bed until he conks out a little... for Rob's sake, his bassinet is at the foot of our bed. I'd read something on the net, but again, I don't have my glasses and I'm blind as a dingbat, so I'll write to you instead!

So, let me tell you about my crazy dream. I was in the middle of this dream and about to pinch myself when Smith started crying... I guess that was meant to be my wake-up call!

This was a crazy vivid dream. Rob and I pulled into a parking spot backward in a space at the back of our church's parking lot. The kids were in the back and I'm not sure why we were just sitting there, but we were. A car pulled up next to us (pulled in backwards as well) and this guy with his head facing forward the whole time stuck his hand out the window and handed us an envelope... then drove away.

Like any curious person would do I opened the envelope. It was actually two envelopes, and it was quite heavy and oddly shaped.

The first envelope contained a plastic baggy full of random change and dollar bills. It was taped to a second envelope that contained a $50 bill, a $1 dollar bill then a thick stack of Target gift cards each with $1 taped to them (I'm pretty sure the sum total of the money and gift cards was enough to buy my Wii and Wii Fit Plus with the balance board. I didn't have time to check the balances, but hey, it's my dream!). There were also stacks of random paper that appeared to be receipts of some sort? Again, since it's my dream and I didn't have time to finish it, I'm going to assume they were concert tickets for the upcoming Reba McIntire/George Strait concert :0)
To top it off he slid in a Netflix DVD

It was crazy how vivid the construction and contents of the envelopes were. And, I can practically smell my surroundings at the time.

(insert 25 minute break)

That was my beautiful dream, but my stark reality is that I was just spit up on by a baby who owns the cutest chubby cheeks. He's spent the last 20 minutes screaming (which is abnormal for him).After a few minutes I decided to see if he needed to burp some more and he spit up all down the inside of my shirt which takes some skill seeing that I'm wearing a high-necked t-shirt!

After some more fussing I decided to make him more formula even though he'd already eaten more than normal. I attempted this one handed so I could try to calm the screaming baby hoping the rest of my household might remain asleep. One handed formula making should be an Olympic event! After bemoaning the fact that the formula can I opened just a few days ago is almost gone already (seriously, it costs far less to feed my 2 kids than to formula feed a baby!), I finally managed to assemble the bottle. I repositioned baby up higher on my shoulder so I could have a good grip on him while I shook the bottle. Unfortunately he then proceeded to spit up on AGAIN, only this time, just over the top of the burp rag that covered most of my shirt and shoulder.

To top it all of, he only drank .5 oz more!

So, now my shoulder is wet and icky and he cried another 1/2 hour or so. I'm deliriously tired after being up for 2 full hours now (especially since we went to bed late, the movie we watched was WAY longer than we thought it would be!). It's okay though, he appears to finally have conked out, and I can sneak and hour and a half of sleep before I have to get Leeann up and ready for school. I need to go change my shirt. At least I get a good blog post out of the deal! This post reminds me of a song. Lucky you, you don't have to listen to me sing it like Smith does... "Back to life, back to reality... (Hmmm, hm, hum, hm, hm, huhuhuhum...)"

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