Tuesday, February 09, 2010


We have a baby. Well, for a short time anyway. I'm not at liberty to post much in the way of details, but we are currently fostering a 3 week old baby boy. Within a couple of hours of a getting a phone call from a friend who is a friend of someone who works at an adoption agency, we are caring for a very small, very precious little life.

We'll likely have him around a week or so, but every case is unique and we're not quite sure what this one will hold. Other than knowing that it is definitely temporary. So there you have it. We're embarking on another adventure in parenthood. This one involves sleepless nights. I can handle sleepless nights when it's due to a cute little (temporary) baby.

Here's to seeing how long it takes us to figure all this baby stuff out again!


Jessi said...

wow...that would be so amazing to be able to love a little one, spend your nights cuddling, knowing that soon and very soon life will return back to your normal. What a special blessing that little boy is getting from being with you guys, even if it's just for a few weeks!

becca said...

How exciting!!!
I'll be thinking of you while you do many things one-handed and sleeplessly. :)

T & K said...

Babywise...saved my sanity. Even if you have him for a little while, it will give you the outline for a good day.