Monday, February 08, 2010

Almost Late is Perfect Timing

I got out the door a few minutes early today. This doesn't happen very often, because I usually have somewhere else I need to go, which means I need to be ready myself. Today though, I didn't need to be anywhere else, so I didn't bother getting myself ready--hence being out earlier than normal.

I don't think I'll make that mistake again!

I think I just about ran over 6 kids, 4 parents and a school bus. Things are crazy around a school when you are arriving at the same exact time as 380+ other kids (okay, that's obviously an exaggeration... some were already there, and some were yet to come, but you get the picture!).

As I've said before we live very near the school. The back road out of our condo complex is the same road the school is on. It is a windy road though, so there are kids and parents darting out from behind all the cars lined up on the street. And, because cars are lined up on the street and it is a windy road, you really can't pass other cars easily as they're coming in the opposite direction. You literally have to pull all the way over to avoid getting crushed by the school buses as they pull away.

Then the drop off section is not nearly big enough to handle all the parents dropping their kids off at the same time. And if you pull in but can't park, you have to pull out, try to aviod hitting 6 other children in the meantime, and try again. Arg. You do this enough times and your kid is late anyway, regardless of whether or not you actually pulled in 10 minutes before the bell rang!

These are all problems I don't usually have, because I'm almost late, which is perfect timing. Yes, I think I'll stick with my almost late status. It's better for my blood pressure and anxiety levels! Besides, I think it's cute when Titus starts yelling at Leeann when we pull in front of the school. Almost daily he says, "Leeann, hurry up, unbuckle, run, you're gonna be late!" Hmm, I wonder where he would come up with such a phrase?

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