Friday, February 26, 2010


As soon as we finished paying off my loans and I finished blogging about it we set out to make our first major post-debt purchase. A Wii! We've been wanting one for a while, but we've intentionally put it off until we were out of debt.

First we went to Target in Albany. No Wii. Then we went to Game Stop. No Wii. In fact, they told us they have a waiting list more than a month long and pretty much everyone's out of them.

What? I almost panicked. We've been waiting 14 months and waded through $25K to get the Wii (well, not just to get the Wii, but you get the picture). Someone has to have one. So we went back to Target and asked them if there were any stores in a 50 mile radius that had one. There were a couple of stores 40 minutes in any direction that had one, so we at least knew there was hope.

I stopped by Fred Meyer here in town, but they were out too and assurred me that all of their stores are out. For good measure I called a couple of stores closer to us (thanks Suzy for being my personal operator), hoping not to have to set out on a 40 minute drive. Wal-Mart-Out. Toys R Us-Out. Best Buy-Out. They're all out of the Wii Fit balance board too (the one thing I really want).

So, we headed up to Keizer and I called them when we were on our way. They agreed to hold the last one for me. I felt like we were on a wild-goose chase! But, lo and behold, we came home with a Wii! A Wii! We have a Wii!

We had our friends, Dean and Deborah and their kiddos over. If we were nice we would have let the kids play, but we aren't and we didn't. We played golf and bowling and the boys played baseball. It was a lot of fun! After our company left we did play a family game of bowling.

My next wild-goose chase will include an early morning trip to Target this Sunday. They're supposed to have balance boards in and you better bet I'm going to be there bright and early!

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Jessi said...

Yeah! Welcome to your newest addiction...have you thought about looking on craigslist for the components? We've picked up a few extra controllers for ours for less than half the price! Have fun Wii-ing it up!