Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Washington Trip Part 5

*You might want to start a few posts back to get the gist of the trip*

As Rob was packing up the car to head home Leeann and Titus crawled in the front, buckled themselves in and started talking about driving to Home Depot. It was super cute! Titus is especially cute the way he says Home Depot.
We stopped by Aunt Suzy's house on the way through and the kids got straight to work on some more surgery for Titus's tummy.
They barely skipped a beat before they started pouncing on Uncle Rob.
It's amazing how quickly things go back to 'normal' even though it's been months since we've seen them. It was great to see them even though the short amount of time went way too fast!
On the final stretch, just before we crossed back into Oregon (where they pump your gas for you, thankfully!) Rob taught Leeann how to pump gas.
She was pretty stinkin proud of herself!
We had a great trip, but it didn't last nearly long enough. It's always so good to see family. There's so much more I could post about the trip but I've already spent way too long blogging this morning, so I really need to be getting ready for my day. Enjoy what's here though!

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