Wednesday, May 14, 2008

School Carnival

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to a school carnival with some friends or ours so we decided to go and we took Leeann's friend, Sarah with us.

They both spend a good 1/2 hour in line for this beautiful face painting!
Each class puts together a basket of stuff to be raffled off. I bought some raffle tickets and gave them to Rob to put in the buckets in front of whichever basket you want to win, because I was standing in line with the girls to get their faces done.
As soon as I walked over to where the baskets were I asked Rob if he put one in the drawing for the dress up clothes. He looked at me with a blank stare and said, "Uh, no?" I was bummed because that's the one I would have wanted... but too late now!
Well, our name got drawn for a $120 value Parks and Rec "teach your kids to golf this summer" kind of thing. I was happy to win something, but a little disappointed because I couldn't see either of kids learning to golf this summer.
Anyway, I stuck around wanting to see who would win the dress up clothes. This guy picked up the basket and I made a joke about him looking nice in the Cinderella dress. He laughed and just then his wife came up and said, "Oh man, of all the ones I didn't really want to win." So, I proposed a trade and she happily obliged. We came home with the basket of dress up clothes and we're all happy campers now! They got the better end of the deal dollar for dollar, but I'm tickled pink that we got a Belle dress for $5 worth of raffle tickets.

It's a bigger one too, so it should fit her for a while.
Brenna calls Titus Cinderfella. Hey, he asked to wear the dress!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Titus should have had his picture with Patrick Dempsey....

beachbirdie said...


John & Leslie said...

They both look so cute. Be glad Titus doesn't have an older brother, he would disown you both. Mitch freaked when Jacob had on a dress when playing dress up with his cousin Kathleen. Teenage big brothers....what's the deal? :)