Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Washington Trip Part 1

Last week we went to Washington. Here are a few pictures from the first part of our trip. We stopped by the summit on our way over the pass toward Eastern Washington. We let the kids out to see the snow that was piled up on the sides of the road (these pictures are in a parking lot of a ski area.)
Leeann almost immediately readied a snow ball... And had a blast chasing her daddy down the parking lot. This is after he stuck snow up the back of her shirt!
After a few minutes in short sleeves Titus decided that maybe the snow was kind of cold.

Leeann agreed.
We hopped back in the van and took a pictures of this. $3.99 a gallon just in case you can't quite make out the numbers.

Here's my beautiful family... oh, and Mr. Oooo too. Who's Mr. Ooooo? Good question! This is him enjoying some time with the cousins....
And here he is in a rare complete family photo. Take note that Titus is being an airplane. This is him with his wings out!
Mr. Oooo is the yard statue of some friends of ours, Craig and Mandy who are in New Zealand, just about to finish up their 18 month stint over there for Craig's job. Our friends Toby and Eroica are renting their house while they're gone so we got permission to take Mr. Ooooo on our trip so he can see the sites around Washington.
This is particularly funny because a few years ago Rob and some other guys took him on a trip to Southern California for a church conference and took funny pictures of him along the way to send back to Craig and Mandy who were wondering who on earth would steal their yard statue!

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