Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Freaky Friday

A couple weeks ago Titus wanted Leeann to wear his super man p.j.'s. So, we put them on her and I asked him if he wanted to pretend to be Leeann. He happily obliged and even posed for pictures!

So, the pants are a little short and the dress is a little long... but who cares?
They walked around all night making me call them Super Man and Leeann. Titus did quite well at acting out the part for being so young. Leeann is a good example of drama!

For Mother's Day we went to visit my Grandma. It's been far too long since we've visited! We had a good time and the kids were a delight to everyone in the dining room during dinner time. A lady who volunteers and plays the piano there even coaxed Leeann to sing a little. Grandma lives in Portland so it might not be any surprise to you that we ended the evening with a little trip to IKEA!

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Suzy said...

Logan misses his Superman shirt. We looked for it the other day because I found his shirt. Now I know where it is! Leeann looks cute in it.