Saturday, May 10, 2008

For those of you keeping track at home...

No fear, Titus is talking up a storm! He's graduated from a completely foreign language to foreign language/English blend. He's very deliberate about each word he says and he's growing in his vocabulary daily. He's picked up more consonants in the last month and he's working hard at acquiring the rest. I think he'll be just fine!

Sometimes I think Titus is growing in stature... but he never seems to grow out of his clothes. I usually move him up in sizes before he really needs to because I'm anxious to pull out the next box of hand-me-downs and shake things up a bit.

Well, yesterday I was so excited to see that a particular pair of pants were looking a little bit like highwaters on him. Could he be growing out of his 12-18 month clothes? Yippie! Oh, wait... those are 6-12 months pants! Oh man! Don't get too excited folks... He's 24 pounds and nearing the 2.5 mark.

I know, I know--his parents aren't exactly giants and he won't stay so little forever. I just keep expecting a growth spurt. Maybe next month?

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