Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Washington Part 3

These are Rob's Grandparents who celebrated their 80th Birthday (6 months late... but hey, who's counting?)

I used to think that 80 was old, these two are anything but! They've had a good 80 years and they do a lot to stay young. We stayed at their house a couple of nights and they chased the great grandkids around. We had a lot of fun! Thanks Gma and Gpa!
Another rare family photo! We can't get Titus to stay still for family photos very well, but cousin Josh can get Titus to do anything! Thanks Josh!The Birthday Party was in a movie theater. This is Rob posing with Patrick Dempsey. Don't they make a cute couple? I tried to pose with him, but even on my tippy toes I couldn't reach!
I've always thought Rob resembles Tom Cruise just a little...
Heempaw... enough said!
Josh and... uh, I can't remember his name.

Titus runs Josh ragged when they're together. Titus loves every minute of it! Josh on the other hand... well, his face might tell you something! It's hard keeping up with a two year old full of cake and ice cream!
Leeann adores her cousins. This is her with KayLee. I think she was 7 when I met her. I still think she's 7. And Josh is 6 and the girls are 2. Really... that's how old I think of them as, it always floors me to visit and be reminded of how fast they grow, and how fast time flies! This is Gpa hunting for lost change. He made 11 cents that day. He goes hunting for change almost every day... and finds lots of it!

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