Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All is Well

Titus threw up twice before 8:30 this morning then slept until 11:30 and popped straight out of bed running like he always does! His color was back and he was insisting he was hungry, so I'm not really sure what that was all about!
In other news, I found a swim suit. It's a tankini with a skirt. Apparently skirts are totally in this season... not even just for the old lady suits! Sweet! I haven't taken the tags off because I'm still hopeful to maybe find something with shorts instead, but we'll see. At least it's here and purchased if need be. I found it at Sears. After looking at Target, Fred Meyer, Joe's, Kohl's, Old Navy and Sears, I only found ONE swim suit that fit well. ONE! I must have tried on at least 20!

As I was purchasing my swim suit I saw a beautiful dress that I decided I just had to try on. Dresses are another really difficult item for me to find something that fits well, is modest, and doesn't look frumpy on me. Well, it fit beautifully and was super cute and was half off (making it almost reasonably priced at $30), so I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to spend that much on a dress... but decided to go for it. I took an advance on my allowance to pay for it, but I think I'll be glad I did.

You see, over the past two summers I've been looking for dresses too. I've searched numerous stores, and tried on dozens of dresses to no avail. I always go back to my stand-by blue summer dress which has seen it's fair share of dressy occasions over the past 7 years. You can see it in my Disneyland pictures from last summer because I wore it to Mike's wedding, after trying on dozens of dresses that week!

For my birthday I did find a dress that I liked, and I bought it... but it's a little fancy. This one could be fancy or just plain cute. I'm a little anxious to find a reason to wear it! Hmmm, I might even wear it to church on Sunday! (I wear jeans 19 out of 20 Sundays).

For whatever it's worth, the dress is a size 4 petite. I'm a little excited about that! Not because I actually wear a size 4 in anything else... but hey I'm excited to have one article of clothing that says size 4--please don't rain on my parade by giving me a reality check about the difference in sizes between brands and yada, yada, yada! :0)


Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute Robyn! Can't wait to see you show off your new items!


SaraJane Campbell said...

Hey none of your photos are showing in the blog. Some of them you can click on and see them in another window others not. They just show up as little white squares. By the way you can delete this rather than show it on the blog. :-)

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