Thursday, May 01, 2008

For Such a Time as This?

Some times I wonder why I blog so much. Does anyone care what I write, or how much I write, or why I write? Is it worth the time and an energy to keep up on this blog?

Sometimes I wonder if I will suffer memory loss some day and this blog will be the only thing to connect me to my past. Maybe my grand kids will stumble upon it and learn something fantastic about their family? Maybe something will happen to me some day and this is all my kids will be able to remember about me? Maybe my kids will want to read it when they're grown to learn more about themselves as kids? Maybe the words found here will inspire someone, teach someone or best yet, help someone give their life to Jesus Christ.

Some day, some way, some how I hope this blog will be a blessing to someone... or better yet, to many people over many years!

I crawled into bed last night wondering if maybe my blog was created for such a time as this? The Self family is a family near and dear to my heart. Since the day I heard Aspen was sick I wanted desperately to do something to help them. They are the kind of family that is more deserving of a blessing than any other family I know. They constantly give and serve and love and give of themselves some more. They are a hard-working, dedicated family that has blessed other people time and time again. I was inspired by this family long before Aspen got sick, and I want so desperately to be a small part of providing them with a HUGE BLESSING!

Maybe you'd like to help?

Who knows, maybe it's one of the reasons God's put in on your heart to keep up on my blog? Maybe you've been so blessed by someone else and are looking for a way to pay it forward? Maybe you've been pondering how on earth you could "stimulate the economy" with your rebate check? Maybe you've had the blessing of being touched by the Self's? Maybe you have nothing to give, but God's laid it on your heart to bless this family and is asking you to sacrifice something else and to band together with others to ease this family's burden? Maybe God isn't asking you to give, but is preparing your heart for a time in the future where you will be inspired to bless someone close to you?

For whatever reason, God has given me a platform to 'interact' with you daily via my blog. Maybe this is why? On an average day I have more than 100 unique visitors to my blog. Some people check it once every couple of days or once a week, so it's probably safe to say I have 150 people who check in here on a fairly regular basis. I'm no good at math, but it's my best guess! I have people in several countries and nearly a dozen states that come here often... you are obviously one of them!

If each of my 150 readers donated just $10 to Aspen's Medical Expense fund, it would take care of nearly 1/3 of their anticipated medical bills. $10! $33 per blog reader would completely wipe out their medical bills and the burden that goes along with it. Can you imagine? So, here's the deal. My lofty goal is to gift this family with $5,000 in a week and a half. Can you help? Please consider playing just a small part in this (or a big part!). Honestly, even just $10 would go a long way. Visit for more information about how to help. We're still working on getting the fund set-up so hold onto your money, decide how much you can give and check back soon for more information on how to make the deposit.

This is fun! Thanks in advance for taking part in this awesome adventure!


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