Friday, April 21, 2006

So, Church is Cancelled

Seriously. We aren't going to have any services, meetings or youth group this weekend. At least 11 people that we know of have gotten sick and the exposure beyond that is huge. So, in an effort to tame this thing the Heath Department said that we shouldn't have any child-care or gatherings of children this weekend, and that any mass congregating exposes a massive risk of continued out-break. Crazy eh? So, ask me what the 4 of us are going to do all weekend while we're quarentined at home? MOVIES!!! It will be beyond weird to have a whole weekend, Sunday included that we don't have anything that we can do. We NEVER, and I mean NEVER have a Sunday that we aren't at church (unless we're somewhere else like with family or at a church event). So to have a whole weekend by ourselves seems crazy! It'll be fun though, I look forward to spending some good ole fashioned quality family time together!

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