Friday, April 21, 2006

A Plague Update

So today has been full of fun. Leeann only threw up the one time this morning and seems to be feeling better. Unfortunately the rest of our church is not and it partially appears to be our fault!

Apparently several members of my family from St. Helens are quite sick also, who we were exposed to on Easter Sunday. We generously brought the virus to the church nursery on Wednesday where we exposed any number of people to this virus too. At the very least, all of the kids who were in the nursery that day have been sick. The two preschool teachers and the Pastor are also sick, and who knows who else! EEEKKKKK!!! So our kids are on a 72 hour quarentine. What that means for Sunday morning, I'm not sure. Sunday is supposed to be a big day for both of us with a big all church meeting, but it looks like at the very least I'll be home loving on my sweet little sick kids!


Aunt Barb said...

Been there!! We took the chicken pox to the church nursery one year without realizing it. The sad thing was that it was two weeks before Christmas so we were well over the holidays, but the rest of the church nursery had to stay home for the holidays (gave new meaning to the "I'll be home for Christmas"!) Oh well, they all still loved us and knew it wasn't something we had done on purpose. I'll pray that you are all better quickly and can truely enjoy the time together. You'll have to look at it as an unexpected gift of time. Aunt B

Jennifer said...

Way to go Robyn! I hope you all are feeling better soon. Yea, it is weird not going to church on Sunday...I've never heard of chruch being closed before.