Thursday, June 29, 2006

What a Concept!

Yesterday my friend Sara Jane came down to visit. I was lamenting about needing some new clothes. It seems like every time I go to get dressed in the mornings I'm completely frustrated. Everything in my closet either doesn't fit, is out of season or just isn't something I like to wear, or something that I don't feel comfortable in.

I thought about blowing some money on some new clothes, but we operate on the allowance system so the only thing I could buy is a shirt or maybe a pair of pants. That doesn't seem to satisfy because I want LOT'S of new clothes. And I want them NOW.

SIDE NOTE: This is the beauty of the allowance system, it doesn't allow me to 'react' by going on shopping sprees. Rob and I both get $30 every two weeks and with it we buy our clothes, we pay for our own eating out (it helps us to be more practical when we eat out--we skimp on expensive foods and sodas when we know it's going to effect our allowance total). We also buy any extras that we want. I admit, a lot of my allowance goes to blended mochas at Steamers! So, if I want to do crafty things, or go out with friends I also have to use my allowance. It works out rather well for us! Leeann and Titus share their $60 a month at this stage. Any new clothes they need, or other non-grocery store baby stuff comes out of it. We also use this to pay for babysitting.

Anyway, I found the solution to not having any clothes I like to wear. It was cheap and simple even...

Drum Roll Please...


Yup folks, I did laundry. Lot's of laundry. I was up to my ears in laundry today and I will continue to be for the rest of the evening I'm sure. After our busy three weeks there was lot's and lot's and lot's of laundry to do. It seems like I've only been doing "Survival loads" for the last couple of weeks. I.E. someone needs underclothes or Titus needs some clean blankies.

So I emptied out every hamper and laundry basket it our house and gathered up any random pile that I could find. I even stripped the bed. I sorted, I separated and then I got to work. All told, I think I counted 9 loads of laundry! That means 2 things. 1.) We have too many clothes between the four of us. 2.) I REALLY needed to do laundry! Okay, 3 things. I've got a lot of folding ahead of me tonight!

Moral of the story? I do have clothes that fit, that I even like to wear. I just hadn't seen them in a while as they were in the pit of despair at the bottom of my hamper. The only thing left in my closet was things I hadn't worn in the last month because I don't like them.

And with that, I should really go switch loads!


Beckys blog said...

Wow! The most I've ever done in 1 day was 6 loads!

Anonymous said...

Robyn, The not doing laundry runs in the family. We are leaving today for Rich's mom's house, and I have been doing laundry for 3 days. I have 2 bags of clothes to take with me. Some of the clothes I have not seen for a month. I was so excite. I am going to try to keep up with that. HaHaHa. I have been saying that for the last 3630 days(that is when I became a mom). Love and Miss you, Jenni

rob said...

thanks for the clean underpants..

Robyn said...

Uh... you're welcome?


Pam in CA said...

Don't remember ever having that much to wash. But, perhaps we did truly have fewer clothes so I was just washing more often. Try to do ours on Mondays and usually without the boys anymore, I have 3 loads. Just think, you only have to wait 15 years or 20 years.