Sunday, June 11, 2006

Speghetti for 200--I mean 75?

So, after slaving over pots of boiling water for hours on end last night, and hours worth of additional preperation this morning, we had speghetti, salad, rolls and brownies to serve 200 people. Let me tell you, that's a lot of stinkin speghetti!

The problem, ah, maybe 50-75 people showed up! Rob and I were flabberghasted because most of our after church lunches run at least 150. So we dutifully planned for some extras to ensure that we wouldn't run out, as you can't just whip up more speghetti from the middle of nowhere!

A few people trickled in and at 12:20 I asked why the service was running so late. He said it wasn't running late, most everyone had simply left. So I starred at my 6 huge pans of speghetti and all the fixings and almost cried! He looked like he was about to cry too, it's hard to put so much work into something to see it fall apart!

It all worked out in the end though as many of the families who were there ended up taking home lots of speghetti and fixings and donated some money for it to cover the cost of the food. We did end up covering the cost, and a little extra which was nice, but we were hoping for quite a bit more. There was an extra pan of speghetti which I think is being used this evening at youth group for some fun games, like fish stuff out of the speghetti with your feet!

Each of the kids who were there ended up going for $50-$100 which will certainly help them with their endevours to the summer youth events. So really, it did end up working out well, it was just stressful gettting to that point. Next time we'll just order pizza!


Aunt Shelly said...

Oh my~

Toby said...

I don't remember it being announced at the end of the service. The only reason I knew about it was because of Eroica.

kelsie said...

I know, it stinks. But you didn't wash the dishes Robin.

Anonymous said...

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