Friday, June 02, 2006

6 years ago today...

6 years ago today I was on top of the world--the biggest day of my life! All of the years I spent in school were culminating in this, my graduation day!

Well, 6 years have come and gone and things have changed significantly. A college degree, a wedding, 2 children, 2 home purchases, and 2 car purchases later, I realize graduating from high school was--still a good day--but not all that I had made it out to be.

Funny how much can change in a few short years. I moved away from St. Helens that fall and I never moved back. Rob pointed out that I've lived a 1/4 of my life away from my home town now. That's wierd to think about!

High school days were good, and I have many fond memories. I only keep in touch with a few people from high school though, so for 4 years of constant trauma hardly seems worth the pain! It is worth the pain though, the few friends I still have were worth it! The one I keep in touch with most is my best friend Angie though, and we've been friends since kindergarten. We actually didn't hang out much during high school ironically, but I'm confident that we will remain friends til the grave--it's just that kind of friendship!

Suddenly being class president all 4 years doesn't seem that important, nor does losing the ASB presidental election (to the class clown, despite my 3 previous years of being class president). I thought I was hot-stuff for one, and a loser for the other. Now I realize neither are the big deal I made them out to be. The boyfriends that I had (far too many in my estimation) I found out were not the perfect people I thought they were, and certainly not worth the thousands of hours (and probably that many dollars) that I spent thinking about them and spending time with them. All of that to regret most of them and never speak to most of them again. Ironic eh?

Sorry to drag you on another trip down memory lane... I really didn't know where this post would head, but I'll leave it at what is here now. High school, those were the days...

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