Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Do me a favor--Define Romance. Not in Webster's terms, but in your own terms.

What is romance and why is it that you suppose women desire it so much? I consider myself a rather simple girl. I'm not very high-maintenance and really ask very little of my husband (I really don't have to ask very much of him, because he does most of what I need/want without being asked :0).

Why is it that I can't get past the idea of needing to be romanced despite a wonderful husband and a wonderful marriage? I don't even know what romance is (by definition anyway). Is it because this is what women are supposed to want or is there an innate need of some sort? Did Disney put this desire in me?

Honestly, I'm struggling a bit with this question. Are there any answers out there for me?


Jennifer said...

I think romance is being pursued by our husbands. Not just them telling us they love us, but doing things to show and tell us. Like when we were dating, and they were in pursuit of us, and took us cool places, and fretted about what they would say, and what they would wear (well, some guys did), and those things.

Anonymous said...

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