Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fireworks and Fun (for most of us)

We went down to Monteith Park last night where there's a big fireworks show every year. It was beautiful as always, but not everyone enjoyed them.

Titus loved the fireworks, he seemed to think they were pretty cool. He got a little cranky at the Grand Finale.

Rob and I enjoyed them, or at least attempted to.

Leeann, on the other hand, spent 15 minutes curled up with a blanket over her head screaming about how she wanted to go home and that it was too loud. I think she had other places she'd rather have been! So, while it would have been nice to snuggle with my husband and my kids and watch the fireworks, we had more important things to do. Like, try to calm a terrified little girl who was clinging to her daddy with all her might.

Maybe next year will be better?!?!?


Pam in CA said...

It's amazing to learn their reactions to things! Watched some little people adjust to the pool on the 4th - the 2 year old couldn't get enough and the 5 year old just took his time like the water was going to get him. Eventually he liked it, too. This old lady loves it! See you soon.

Allie Joy said...

OR...maybe next year i will just have to take her and spend the day with her...hehehe! anyway, i am having a great time and i miss you and your family so darn much...i can't wait to come home!

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