Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Allie's Blog

Allie is one of my high school girls whom I love and adore. She and her family of six have embarked on 6 week trip across the U.S.A. To read about this crazy adventure check out her site at www.lallie.blogspot.com.

In fact, if you head on over there you should leave a message and let her know you are reading her blog. It's always kind of fun to know that people are actually reading this stuff. It'd be really funny if she has no clue who you are, but you could tell her I sent you :0)


Pam in CA said...

Tried to write Allie a silly note but her blog doesn't take anonymous comments. So, tell her "Hello" from the lady in Fresno and to tell her Mom Hi for me. Thanks. Once again, your kids are adorable!!

Allie Joy said...

i love you robyn and thanks for letting others know about my blog...i love it i'll try to send you a post card talk to ya soon
Allie Joy

D.L.Gott said...

just a note to you
Gott your blog from Krista's site and took your advice and left a note to Allie Joy. What fun 44 days seeing the USA w/family
D.L. Gott

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