Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Yup, my baby's still short!

He weighs 14 lbs. 6 oz. 5%
He's 24 3/4 inches 5%

Babies are supposed to double their birthweight by 4 months, well Titus finally did at 6 1/2! The doctor I saw today was not his normal doctor, she encouraged me to study his personality as he grows to find out what he's good at and to help him be confident in those th ings and help him to acheive his potential so he doesn't get a complex about being short. It almost gave me a complex, the poor guy is only 6 months old!

He had to get some shots and a minor adjustment to his circumcision, so he was pretty darn fussy today! I can't blame the guy. He's a trooper though, and still a great kid!

I was going to blog some pictures tonight, but Rob is doing some filming form Extreme Vacation next week and he has the camera with him in the car, so you can blame it on him!

I got my desk cleaned off though, and that doesn't happen very often! It looks nice, I should keep it this way. It helps me feel like my life isn't so chaotic since I spend a lot of time here!

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Pam in CA said...

Nice to see new news today! May have to come by and see Titus in July?