Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Whole New Stage

I came to realize something tonight that I've known, but didn't really know... if you know what I mean. Things are so different than they were when Logan and Hope came to live with us 6 months ago. So different!

Titus was barely 3 when they moved in. Now he's close to 4. A lot changes in a little boys life during this time! He can now buckle his own car seat harness, eat without his booster seat, get his own socks and shoes on, actually help clean up. He can dress himself now. He's able to focus a lot better and respond more quickly to things, so I can expect more of him. Basically, he's become so much more independent.

So, while I've spent the last 6 months simply trying to hold everything together with so many little ones running around--I've emerged on the other side to what feels like a whole new world!

For instance, I used to find it very difficult to do much of anything with just my two kids (but especially with all four). Like, taking them to work with me and actually get something done. Or, taking them into more than one store without someone falling apart (usually me!). Getting housework done seemed impossible since Titus would run around behind me like a tornado and undo anything I'd just managed to muster up the energy to do!

Well, now it's just a whole new ballgame. After spending all summer with all four of the kiddos, having two seems like a cake walk! Keeping up on laundry--piece of cake. Dishes? Done. Work--still difficult with the two kids in tow, but manageable. Only two baths--no problem! Extra snuggles? I've got lots! Going to the store--Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Bed times--hardly even any work.

Ah, bed times. Bed times were especially difficult when Logan and Hope first got here. Most nights they would scream and squabble and whine until I wanted to crawl under a rock. By the end bedtimes were actually pretty easy. Now, with just the two, and with Titus potty trained, they practically put themselves to bed. They can both go potty, get their jammies on and brush their teeth without assistance. Seriously... it's beautiful!

On the other hand, I'm recognizing how quickly this is going. Leeann is 1/3 of the way to adulthood. If the next 2/3 go anywhere near as quickly as the first I don't have much time left! I don't have babies anymore. I don't even have toddlers. In fact, I only have 1 preschooler left in the house and he's growing and changing and learning new things everyday. I have an elementary school kid. She's not a baby, a toddler or a preschooler. She's just a girl. A vibrant, toothless, eager to learn, compassionate, loving little girl. She's starting to think on an abstract level and reason and learn in incredible ways. She's gaining knowledge at a rapid pace as her mind starts to connect more and more dots. She's full of curious questions!

Ah, I love my children. I love being a mommy. I have a cool job! I get to look after, care for, teach and build into two of the coolest kids ever known to mankind. I get to teach them about God, and people, and life, and pain, and conflict, and joys and responsibilities and character...

Did I mention this job is tough? Well, most of you know just how tough it is. But, it's so rewarding. I am one blessed mama!

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