Thursday, September 03, 2009

Seasons Change

As we gear up to say hello to the Fall, and Leeann's first day of school and her new teeth already growing in, we are also saying a few good-byes as well.

The first things we said good-bye to were a few of Leeann's teeth (see previous posts).

The second thing we said good-bye to is PULL-UPS! We are officially a diaper/pull-up free family! Woo Hoo!

The third thing we're saying good-bye to is our season as foster parents. Logan and Hope will return to their home town to another foster home so they can start school closer to their parents this year.

So we now say hello to cooler temperatures, pretty trees (Fall is my favorite time of the year), a new school and a new season of life. I'm really excited to get some time with just Titus. I've never really had that before. Leeann will be in school half days so Titus and I will get a few hours each day to hang out together. This will be especially refreshing after being pulled in 18 different directions by 4 crazy kiddos all summer long. I look forward to our bonding times... especially since it doesn't include changing pull-ups!

If you want the story on that, here ya go: Last Friday Rob changed a particularly disgusting pull-up and told Titus, "I'm done, I will not change anymore dirty pull-ups." So he put Titus in underwear and sent him on his merry way. We had planned to take this approach once Leeann was in school so we could devote a little more time and energy to this effort, but Rob was DONE! I was okay with that since he's off on Fridays and was scheduled to be caring for the kids much of the weekend. So, accident after accident Titus got a not-so-warm bath to clean him up. Cold Turkey baby, there was no turning back!

I forget exactly how it happened (and I'm sure you don't particularly care) but day after day he made a little bit of progress. On Monday he had more successes then he had accidents, which I was rather excited about. Tuesday he had an accident after lunch, but he didn't have another one until right before dinner tonight 48+ hours later! INCLUDING NIGHT-TIME! Yup, I'm a little bit excited. At first he earned a surprise from our surprise box for every success. Once those started adding up he got a nickel for every success. He got a dollar for staying dry all day yesterday and now he's getting a surprise for every #2 success if you catch my drift. Yep, we're getting there folks. There's absolutely no turning back now, we're DONE! Average cost savings? $40 a month.

Oh, he can put his socks on by himself and buckle his own car seat harness now too. He's turning into quite an independent little guy, and I'm not sure what to do with myself anymore! I'm sure I'll figure something out :0)

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Jessi said...

I was right there with you guys for months too. Then one day I said the same thing to Halle that I was over done and she said, to all of our surprise...ok. She hasn't had one accident (this is just the poo trainning part, she's been pee trained for almost a year!)and it seems like she turned into a little girl over night...she too now buckles up her own carseat (so helpful), can pump herself on the swings, puts away her laundry and has mastered putting on polly pockets clothes (I loved those little dolls, but at one point almost got rid of them because I was the one that was doing all the dressing)

So wait to go Titus, you're such a big boy now!