Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saved by the Malfunctioning Bell

On Monday of this week I woke up rather well rested. Both of my kiddos had crawled in bed with me, which they often do once they hear Rob getting up and about. My alarm on my phone rang and I turned it off and gingerly hopped out of bed with a smile on my face. I actually got off to a really good start, getting out of bed right away and getting some laundry going. Leeann got in the shower and I got Titus dressed. I was getting a few things done around the house and pretty happy with the progress I was making since I am anything but a morning person. In fact, I'm purposefully waking up 1.5 hours before Leeann goes to school so we can all be ready without our mornings being rushed.

Anyway, after a half hour of being productive I peeked my head into the bathroom where we have a digital clock and I saw that it was 8:33. 8:33! What? My alarm is set for 7:00 am. How can it already be 8:33? I checked the time on my phone--just in case my self-setting atomic clock in the bathroom was somehow incorrect. Sure enough, my phone confirmed the pickle I was in. My alarm was set for 8:00 instead of 7:00 for some reason. Yikes!

The scene that followed was comical. I barked orders at the kids, told Leeann to grab a granola bar and scarf it down, and tried to make myself somewhat presentable (The kids were ready. I was not!) since I knew I was going to have to go inside to sign Leeann in for being tardy. It was only the second week of school--Mother of the Year escapes me again!

Anyway, we all ran to the car fast as fast can be. I didn't even let Leeann grab her backpack knowing that there was the slimmest of chances we might be able to make it to school before the 8:40 bell. So we buckled in in record speed and I tried to avoid hitting small children on my way to her school (which is literally like a stones throw away from our house). I pulled in the parking lot and there was even a parking space! So we flew inside and to my astonishment the bell hadn't rung yet. I looked at the aide with a perplexed look. "We aren't late?" "Nope, head on in." So, just as I turned to take Leeann to the gym where she waits the Kindergarden aid popped her head out the door. "Why hasn't the bell rung yet? It's past time." They looked at each other and agreed that the bell was malfunctioning so they went ahead and started heading to their classrooms.

Saved by the bell. The malfunctioning bell! Let's see how long I can go without my child being late. Should we start taking bets? I'm honestly kind of surprised that we're two weeks into school without being late yet. And Monday doesn't count as being late, the school bell doesn't lie!

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SaraJane G Campbell said...

I'm giving you 2 more weeks! LOL I still can't believe you have made it 2 weeks as it is.