Friday, September 25, 2009

Dust, trees, grass and weeds oh my!

Leeann had an appointment with an allergist today. She is allergic to dust, tree pollen, grass and weeds. Lovely eh? Have I ever mentioned that we live in the grass seed capitol of the world?

The tree, grass and weed pollen we can't really do much about. She's likely going to have to be on medication during peak outdoor allergy seasons, as her symptoms have gotten worse and worse over the years.

The dust mites however, are something that we need to do something about. The more she's exposed to the allergens, the more likely she is to develop severe asthma in the years to come. So, we're supposed to get special coverings for her mattress and pillow, wash her bedding in hot water 2-4 times per month, and take her stuffed animals off her bed or wash them frequently. She only has like 80 0f them on her bed!

It's also recommended that we take carpet out of her bedroom and get leather furniture. That's right, leather furniture... doctor's orders :0) Okay, he didn't tell me to get leather furniture but when I asked him if it would help he said, "Actually yes, it would help a lot". Hmmm, do you think insurance would cover that? See, dust mites eat dead skin so they get embedded anywhere dead skin cells are. Couches and beds are the worst places. They don't however, get embedded into leather like they do fabric covered couch cushions. We also probably need to get a vacuum from this century. Or at least one that's newer than 1970-something.

So, one step at a time we will start working toward dust-mite proofing our house for Leeann's sake. I'm sure one of my readers how a deep, chocolate-brown leather furniture set that they aren't using anymore right? And a Kirby or a Dyson, or some other high powered vacuum? Hey, you never know!


becca said...

Costco had inexpensive nice leather couches recently.... but that's if you wanted to spend money. What a task to do all those things, but I suppose kids make it all worth it!

Crystal said...

HI there, I came across your blog through my friend Jessi:) I am a fellow asthma sufferer so I know the fear of this! I dont know if you guys have the home company called Norwex down there..but basically they are natural cleaning products. One of their big things is a microfiber cloth. Anyways, they have a matress spray that is amazing. It kills the bed bugs feces which are disgusting but cause a lot of our allergies! Anyways, the party I went to, the lady said that her son had Asthma and use to get really bad attacks at night. After using the more asthma!! Anyways, just thought I would pass this along:)

Robyn said...


Thanks for the advice, I didn't know such sprays existed. I think we'll get covers for her mattress, but this would be especially useful for our couches!


Beckys blog said...

We went through the same thing this last year with Kezzy. After spending $400 post insurance on dr's office visits, breathing treatments, inhaler, face mask, and allergy meds, we bought an atmosphere air purifier. I also Rep for Legacy of Clean, the only brand of green cleaners to receive the United Nations award for being environmentally friendly. The Air purifier is a bit of an investment, but it saved us from having to move, rip up carpet, buy new furniture, etc. And the cleaners are amazing and inexpensive. I'd be happy to let you borrow our cleaners for a couple days to clean your house, and then if you like them, you can order your own. Let me know.

Crystal said...

my plesure..hope it helps and she gets better soon!!