Friday, September 11, 2009

Let Me Clarify

Bribing Titus has been a big part of our potty training efforts. He initially got surprises for doing anything on the potty. Then only for #2, then for staying dry all day. Now that he's almost 2 weeks potty trained however, the surprises have disappeared. I think Titus finally realized this yesterday and asked what else he could do to earn a surprise.

"I know, Titus--you can earn a surprise if your pull-up is still dry in the morning."

"Okay!" he said, eager to earn his surprise.

So, bright and early Titus jumped into my bed and in his cute little voice exclaimed, "Mommy, I changed my pull-up so my pull-up is dry now... can I have my surprise?"

"Oh, sweet boy, let me clarify... if your pull up is dry because you didn't wet during the night, not because you changed it..."

Poor kiddo. It's my fault for not being more specific with my expectations!


Kersh said...

what about surprises for creative thinking?

SaraJane G Campbell said...

Oh sweet guy, you gotta give him credit for trying!