Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Drop Me Off

Leeann asked me if I could just drop her off--on the second day of school! So I did, after rehearsing where she is to go (the gym... NOT outside with the bigger kids). I watched her walk in the foyer than I watched her start to walk outside with the group of kids walking that way. Then she stopped, turned around, and started walking toward the gym. Then she looked up at the adult in the hallway who was directing traffic. Then she kind of spun around again in obvious confusion. Finally I saw her head outside. So, Titus and I parked the car and got out and went to chase her down. She was swinging away merrily with all of the bigger kids.

According to Leeann the lady told her to go outside. I'm not sure if this was the case, or if she was telling other kids to go outside and Leeann thought it was her. Or if she was just following the other kids without thinking. Anyway, Titus and I went out and got her and brought her back into where she was supposed to be and she had a delightful second day of school. She asked if she could have a second chance, but Titus and I walked her to school today so we went ahead and took her all the way inside.

All seems to be going well for Leeann so far. She enjoys school a lot and it's only 2.5 hours. I am somehow managing to have everyone dressed, ready and out the door bright and early. Titus is enjoying time with me, but is having a tough time doing anything on his own.

"I can't clean my room by myself."
"I don't want to play cars by myself. "
"Should I get TWO color books out?"
"Let's watch a movie TOGETHER!"

Poor kiddo, he's spent like .0007% of his life without other kids around. He's not quite 4 and Weston and Logan lived with us for 8 months and Hope and Logan lived with us for 6 months. And, if no one else is around at least Leeann is usually here. Oh well, I imagine it's good for him to learn how entertain himself at least a little bit! I wonder what he'll do when Leeann is at school until 3:00 next year!

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