Thursday, September 17, 2009

Deep Cleaning Fun

Titus and I are (or, um were before I started blogging) doing a little deep cleaning while Leeann is at school today. I am anxiously awaiting for someone to come look at our condo. Who? I don't care... as long as they might want to buy it!

Our renters move out this week so we now have a short window of opportunity to sell our condo before we need to find new renters. I would really love to move back into our other house. We've had a couple of people come and look so far... it would be such a blessing if we got an offer in this next week!

So, for now, I'm trusting that if that's what God is doing then I need to do my part by keeping the house in show-worthy shape. It's easier to do now with only two kids, but still difficult because now that the other two are gone I'm trying to get more work in and I desire very much to get some much needed time with some long-neglected friends. But, perhaps those things will have to wait just a little while so I can play housekeeper extraordinaire!

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