Wednesday, July 23, 2008

She's 5!

Have you ever wondered what a 5 year-old looks like?
I'm still in denial that she's 5 now. Rob took her out to Denny's for a special birthday breakfast. She had alien pancakes and a date with Daddy. Does it get any better than that? He took her to work with him until about 9:30 and then Titus and I picked her up and join Miss Ro (Eroica) and her kiddos to run some errands together.
And here you have it. A pink John Deere Tractor cake. It's not everyday you see one of those!
This is Leeann with her birth mom, Kyndall. We call her Nai-Nai. I'm grateful for her in so many ways. After all, Leeann wouldn't have a Birthday to celebrate!
Blowing out the candles! (Which Grampy had to run to the store to get. I knew I was forgetting something!)
Some of the kiddos enjoying cake and ice cream!
Whoa mom, that's $20! Sweet. It's going into her spending money envelope for Disneyland. Thanks Aunt Pam and Uncle Steve!
My favorite present of all!
And here are my favorite party-crashers! This is my Aunt Pam and Uncle Steve. I lived with them on a couple of occasions growing up... so needless to say, they're quite special to me! Aunt Pam called me yesterday and asked if they could come 'crash' the party. It's a 2 hour drive for them just to get here so I was surprised (and incredibly delighted!) that they wanted to come down. It was such a special treat! Thanks Pam and Steve!

And, here are the two cutest kids this side of Texas!

We ended the evening with an American Girl movie, Felicity (Rob and I got her a 3 pack of movies including Felicity, Molly and Samantha). Leeann got scared half way through and asked if she could go to bed. "Maybe I'll like it when I'm older." she told me. Of course, this morning she decided she was 'older' and wants to try watching it again! After all, she is 5 now!
She got several Barbies, a little piano and a keyboard from Kyndall (that her dad gave her when she was 5!), a purple Barbie car, several cool games, a Tennis racket and pink tennis balls, swim lessons for a year, a puzzle, some clothes and shoes, and a homemade blanket from Great Grandma!
Titus and Leeann are currently sitting together on a rocking chair and she's admiring her purple Barbie car. Titus is spinning the wheels and saying over and over again, "I like it, I like it, I like it!" Ah, what a good sister, she just gave it to him to have a turn. He's now crashing it into all sorts of things like any good brother would! Remind me not to take him driving anytime soon!
She's onto the little piano now... it's going to be a fun long day of enjoying all of her new toys. It was a great party and a great day. I now have one full year to enjoy 5 before we have to learn to enjoy 6. Then 7, then 8...

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becca said...

AWESOME cake!!!! So unique and well done. It looks so good on the black and white checkers!

Sounds like a really fun birthday. You guys are terrific parents.