Tuesday, July 01, 2008


In the skebable (see last post) I forgot to mention that Titus managed to wreak havoc on my desktop when I went down to the living room. That contributed significantly to approaching boiling point!

I finally got my whits together, snuggled with the kids and apologized, brushed my teeth for the day and went downstairs to work on dinner.

THERE ARE ANTS EVERYWHERE!!! (Oh, and, my oven is smoking). They're happily carrying away some macaroni and cheese from lunch that Titus conveniently left on the floor. There are enough of them that I'm worried they're gonna take Titus away soon. I HATE ANTS! EWWW! The good news? Rob should be home anytime! I'm gonna go keep an eye on my ants and my oven :0)

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