Saturday, July 26, 2008

July Recap

July has been crazy busy for us, and I've once again been bad at blogging. Here's a small recap:

We spent a few days in Washington, and got to meet baby Landon! Yay!
We had fun playing with the boys... Leeann and Titus LOVE seeing them. We also got to see lots of the Barrios family, but I forgot to take pictures there. Silly me!
I took Leeann and Titus to the Fair. We had lots of fun. This is Leeann 'milking' a cow.
Titus got to write a pony. He did great!
Leeann LOVED it too!
She made a dirt baby. It now has green hair, and lots of it!

She spent some time at the Fair with her good friend Sarah. They loved sliding down the slide together holding hands and jumping in bouncy houses. They have fun together!
Titus loved playing in a big box of corn. I was impressed that they thought to do something cleaner than sand. Clever!
While I was taking pictures of Titus all impressed by the clean corn, I didn't realize that Leeann was planting potatoes in the dirt then wiping the dirt all over her face and clothes. Whoops!

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