Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Delta Sky Miles

I've got my angry eyes on again. Yes folks, the representatives at Delta Sky Miles speak worse English than those at Dell... and they are equally unhelpful!

I set out more than an hour and a half ago to figure out how many sky miles I have because I want to go to New York to visit my friend Sara Jane. Easy enough? HA! I was sent from Delta Sky Miles, to American Express to locate an account #. I called Sky Miles back who still couldn't find the right information in their system. I call American Express back who sent me to their website which directed me back to Sky Miles, who wanted a pin. I don't have a pin. I tried to re-set my pin online and got locked out of my account because the address they have on file is the address we had when started the account 5 years ago. I called Sky Miles back who told me to do what I just did (and got locked out for), who transferred me to tech support... who told me he couldn't give me a new pin because I'm not the primary card holder.

Wait a second. Our accounts are linked, our address is the same, we're married, I can log into the account on-line and wipe his account clean without question, but I can't have his pin?

All the while my kids are getting into things they aren't supposed to (like Leeann getting out all 3 of our toothbrushes and 3 different tubes of toothpaste... as if I'm going to brush all of our teeth while I'm visible frustrated with these 'representatives'?

I tell her to put it back... which she doesn't. Before I know it Titus is painting the chair with his toothbrush, then putting it back in his mouth for more 'paint' to paint the chair again. Leeann quickly sees my frustration and tries to take the toothbrush from him which of course makes him freak out.

I set Leeann in time out for disobeying and tell Titus to stop whining... that I'll brush his teeth when I'm done. They start fighting over sitting in a particular chair.

I get Leeann out of time out and go downstairs to get away from their constant squabbling. They quickly follow and fight over a hat. A HAT! We have several hats UPSTAIRS... WHERE THEY BELONG... and they have to bring it downstairs to fight over it while I'm about to chuck my phone out the window!

All the while I'm repeatedly shooting evil eyes at them. The problem is, anytime I shoot evil eyes at Leeann she falls apart emotionally which just makes the situation worse.

I don't remember how the rest of the scenario played out, though it had something to do with my leaving the play room to try to hear the guy on the phone that I couldn't understand... only to have them follow... to have me tell them to get off of my bed and go into a different room, which makes them both falling apart. I soon re-enter the playroom because they're fighting over some other really stupid toy (as if we don't have hundreds of other toys to play with too). I yanked the toy out of their hands (they were literally pulling on it), stomped down the hall and threw it on my bed. My blood is past boiling point at this time. When I threw the toy (on the soft bed mind you) they both started freaking out. Right about this time the guy is telling me he can't give me any more information. I gave him a small piece of my mind, hung up the phone and told both of the kids to lay down on their beds until mommy could cool down.

This is me... cooling down... can you tell? Rob called them and got the pin within minutes. And here I am, afraid to try to use the pin to access the account while my angry eyes are still on. Because, if it doesn't work my poor kids are going to bed at 5:00 tonight. Oh, and Rob's working late tonight :0)... he usually would have been home right about the time by blood started boiling which would have undoubtedly defused the situation in a more appropriate manner.

Now my kids are laying in their beds and I need to apologize to them for losing it while still somehow helping them learn from their bad behavior. This mom thing is tricky! As a side note, they both got a good talking to prior to my phone call telling them that they are not to fight over anything, ask mommy for anything, or whine about anything while I'm on the phone. They were undoubtedly testing the boundaries... it wasn't as if they were innocent in the matter. Still, I shouldn't have gotten so frustrated with them. Ah, welcome to my life!

This is me... applying once again for the "Mother of the Year Award". Let's be honest, this year isn't my year. Perhaps next year?

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