Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Like His Daddy

I was upstairs putting on some make-up (yes, I didn't shower until after 1:00 today!), talking to my cousin, Jenni on the phone and I suddenly realized that I couldn't hear Titus. Any time you can't hear Titus you can bet large sums of money on the fact that he's doing something he shouldn't be. That's literally the ONLY time he's completely quiet!
I asked Leeann to go check on him and she came back and told me she couldn't find him. I looked in some of the usual spots (on the back side of our bed playing with something he shouldn't be, in the pantry...) and I was yelling, "Titus, where are you?" He was still dead silent so I knew it had to be good.
"Titus, what are you doing?"
"Eat boo berries mama!"
"I yike boo berries!"
"More boo berries mama?"
Leeann of course wanted to join in the fun as soon as she saw me pull out my camera, so I can't neglect to include that picture here too!
I was momentarily caught with conflicting emotions. Do I correct his behavior, or take pictures and blog it because it's so cute? It seems a little hypocritical to do both. As you can see, blogging won! I often find his daddy in the fridge sneaking blue berries... I've got all sorts of blue berry capers on my hands!


becca said...

I always wonder about this dilemma when I see funny "caught-ya" photos on people's blogs. When the mommy ran to get the camera, did it make the kid think this was funny, rewarded behavior? Nonetheless, I think you'll be glad you caught it on camera because how else can we share the funny wacky moments when our kids are grown? :) I think you made the right choice!

Suzy said...

So cute!

By the way- you're almost out of milk. :)

Love ya!

Michelle said...

Hi, Robyn!! You've caught me! :) I have loved "keeping up" with you and your family through your blog. I hope you don't mind ... I'm not very good with keeping in touch with people, but I do love to know how you're doing and how to be praying for you guys! Your kids are just the cutest!!

timannah :) said...

this is too cute!! and, he's snacking on healthy food too!! :)